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Louise Nettleton

Trained Professional Organizer  

I help you reframe the way you interact with your  belongings, so you can reclaim your time, your energy and most importantly, your space.

Simplify Your Space, Energize Your Life!

OrganIZE Your Space

Are you stuck in a state of overwhelm at home or in your business?  Research shows that cluttered home and work environments impact your mental, emotional and physical well-being. At  Vibrant Spaces we help you reset your space by clearing the clutter and providing you with a framework so you maintain your vibrant space.  When you live in harmony with your home and business space, you reclaim your energy and your time.  

Ready to get started? We offer in-home + virtual organizing sessions that work with your schedule and budget. Call us today to book a consult.


Energize your SPACE

At Vibrant Spaces, we work with you to make tangible changes in your space and your routine so you can create and live a vibrant life.  Whether it’s a basement full of memories, over-flowing closets, or an office filled with paperwork, our decluttering sessions, help you reclaim your space so it supports you in your daily life.   

Our clients range from working professionals to home-based entrepreneurs and seniors. We are committed to providing our clients with assistance that is reliable, professional, confidential and most importantly, of value.

“Hiring Louise was a fantastic decision for our family! She came with boundless energy and enthusiasm and was able to ascertain our goals in a very short time. There wasn’t a closet, drawer or cupboard left untouched by the time she was done. Louise also understood our commitment to recycling and was able to help us gather enough items for a very lucrative garage sale and fill up our van twice to take to Goodwill. When she left our home was sparkling clean, sorted and organized. What a breath of fresh air!”

Miranda J.

“Louise was an absolute pleasure to work with! She came over and helped me clear out the clutter from basically the entire main floor of my house within a few hours. I can only imagine how long this would have taken on my own. I really appreciated Louise’s intuitive attention to detail and her commitment to getting stuff DONE. If you’re looking to get organized in an efficient but easygoing manner – I highly recommend working with Louise.”

Dr. Joanna P.

“Thank you again for your excellent assistance & expertise.”

Jennie J.

“After my wife passed away, Louise was invaluable in helping me move from a 6,000 sq. ft home to a much smaller, manageable bungalow.  Not only did she help me in the entire sorting, purging and packing process, she also made arrangements and managed the details with a local auction house and organized my simplified belongings into my new home. I would fully recommend her services.”

George H.

“Simplify merely changed my life. My home office has never been better organized (and seriously decluttered!) and my accountant sent me kudos for finally graduating from the pile of papers shoved into a shoebox. Makes a huge difference! Next? The garage…. ”

Kurt L., KLynn Website Consulting

“Louise Nettleton is a consummate professional and an accomplished organizer. I had a project I’d been putting off for years thinking it was just too impossible to tackle. She came in with her lovely, calm approach, and literally within weeks, the job was done! I recommend her highly. She is very special!”

Joysanne S


I'M Ready to get Organized! 


Louise Nettleton, Professional Organizer


Port Hope, Cobourg, Clarington, Peterborough
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