Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify, simplify.

~ Henry Thoreau

 About Louise 


I love helping people and I am also a self-confessed organizing nerd.  During my high school years, I would often talk my best friend into cleaning and organizing her room when I would visit.  Her mom loved the idea, my best friend thought I was crazy!

In 2012, after 20+ years of working in the corporate world, I created Vibrant Spaces (formerly Simplify). My goal was simple: to create a business that would combine my skills of organizing and time management with my passion for simplicity and order. Making impactful changes in people’s lives is what I love to do.  Vibrant Spaces is the compilation of my strengths and passions which I infuse into every client interaction and project.  I’m passionate about helping my clients get back to basics so they can re-energize their spaces and reclaim their time and energy and live a vibrant life.  

When I’m not organizing, I love to read, take a yoga class or go for a walk with my dog Finnegan.  

I am a member of Professional Organizers in Canada (POC) and a Silver Leaf member. 





Louise was an absolute pleasure to work with! She came over and helped me clear out the clutter from basically the entire main floor of my house within a few hours. I can only imagine how long this would have taken on my own. I really appreciated Louise’s intuitive attention to detail and her commitment to getting stuff DONE. If you’re looking to get organized in an efficient but easygoing manner – I highly recommend working with Louise.

Dr. Joanna P., Bewdley

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